Google Translate Installation Guide

Updated: Feb 3

Guide On How To Use Google Translate on Desktop And Mobile Devices With Google Chrome.

How to change a webpage/website language?

Its easy and simple!!

You will need Google Chrome web browser.

Usually Google Chrome will automatically display the web page in your home country language.

I will use a well known Chinese web search engine as an example

For Desktop follow this steps:

- Download and Install Chrome(Available to all devices).

- Type in search bar

- At the top, next to search bar, to your right is your language settings, Google translate( see picture bellow).

- Make sure you tick the box that says "Always translate..."

- Select your country language, in this example I'm selecting English(picture bellow).

- And the whole page content is translated into the language I chosen(English - See picture bellow).

For Mobile the process is almost the same.

- Download and install Chrome(available for all devices/systems).

- Type into the search bar.

- Chrome automatically will ask you to choose your language.

- If not press translate icon on top left.

- Once pressed, pop up screen will show(see bellow).

- Press "Translate" And that is it, google will translate it.

Note: Translate the required link page, you may also need to translate every single page you change into but usually not as google will save your language preferences automatically.

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