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Luxury Cutlery 

Summer Gift Sale

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 Gift for her

Valentine's Day Gifts, Women's Day Gifts, Mother's Day Gifts, Easter Gifts Or Her Birthday Gifts

The Perfect Gift For Her At Any Moment In Life

Today will tell your a bit of a story , and some history facts behind the famous Portuguese Filigree.

To start you may ask what is a Filigree?

Dictionary definition says "ornamental work of fine (typically gold or silver) wire formed into delicate tracery".

Basically it relates to a technique and a type of material used for creating the finest jewelry mostly for her.

One of the most famous Filigree's is Viana Heart Filigree

Viana Do Castelo Filigrana - Portuguese Viana Heart Filigree Picture

Portuguese Filigree Mostly represents Nature , Religion and Love.

Symbol of honesty, generosity, wealth and status.

Some theories also infer that it symbolizes women's fertility

due to the rounded shape it is believed to depict a  pregnant mother's womb.

The history behind this master piece of jewelry dates back to the 18th century. 

According to few beliefs and some facts, is said that Queen D.Maria I ordered

the confection of a gold heart shape jewel after been blessed with a son.

Its is believed to be a depiction of the religious cult of the sacred heart of jesus.

Viana Heart Filigree is such art piece that even famous celebrities would wear it.

This picture shows Sharon Stone wearing a 24 Karat/Carat Gold Viana Heart pendant, necklace jewellery worth thousands of dollars, walking down Beverly Hills.

For those who would like to have the Portuguese Filigree Heart as a gift to her or just share the love and history click the picture  down bellow for an affordable luxury cutlery set, Vianna by Belo Inox. 

24 Carat/Karat Gold Plated Heart Option also Available, CLICK BELLOW.



£123.00Regular Price£86.10Sale Price
VIANNA - 24 Piece Cutlery Set By Belo Inox, 6 Forks,
6 Spoons, 6 Knifes and 6 Tea Spoons
Luxury Gold Plated Cutlery Available
18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Perfect For Valentines Or Wedding Gift


Christmas Gift

Cutlery Sets

Life Lasting Cutlery It's For All

How to pick a good Christmas Gift?

Where to find it?

Why cutlery is a great choice?

This are some questions that anyone normally thinks when planning Christmas shopping and we will answer shortly.

Christmas gifts are meant to be an unexpected surprise, but when it comes to children it's expected and unexpected when it comes to adults. Why This?

The whole year kids asks parents for certain gifts for Christmas, so that only becomes a surprise once in wrap, but certainly expected by them. Most children are complicated and hard to please, so most parents just give what they asked for.

When it comes to adults you will always be surprised by the amount of complexity and thought process we make, to please, and surprise someone we love or care. 

It will not be easy to find that perfect gift but it will certainly be rewarded and remembered.

What you want is an unforgettable gift, life lasting gift, gift for life.

Searching for this unforgettable life lasting gift is not easy but if you reading this short article you have already come to the right place, you have found it.



£320.00Regular Price£224.00Sale Price
NEO - 24 Piece Cutlery Set By Belo Inox, 6 Forks,
6 Spoons, 6 Knifes and 6 Tea Spoons
Luxury Gold Plated Cutlery Available
18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Perfect For A New  Modern Home Or Perfect Wedding Gift For Her

We know from our homes that dinner time with family is a especial moment in our daily fast paced lives.

We all know that facial reaction of family and friends when they first see brand new shinny tableware set when they come for a meal.

Mesmerizing, astonishing and expensive this will be few of the comments you might get and the next sentence will be a sequence of questions, where you bought it and how much.

Now you asking why cutlery, crockery and glass?​

We will try answering this question in a two short sentences.

The main reason is when looking for a life lasting gift you will look for a product that has durability at maintaining its performance.

Another reason but not the last of many possible reasons is design.

How to pick the right cutlery, crockery and glass for my table?

For cutlery i would recommend you to look for the steel grade printed at the back, on the label in the box or in the product description page online and i recommend 18/10 stainless steel cutlery that is 100% recyclable, environmental friendly and dishwasher safe.

For crockery and glass durability is not a strength as they easily break but i would recommend looking for a dishwasher safe and tempered glass sign on a label or description page online.

At the end the best tableware choice will be a personal choice, it will make you fall in love for its design. 

If looking for classic, modern, timeless silverware check out our selection of flatware cutlery sets.





£113.40Regular Price£79.38Sale Price
NOMO - 24 Piece Cutlery Set By Belo Inox, 6 Forks, 6 Spoons,
6 Knifes and 6 Tea Spoons.
Luxury Gold Plated Cutlery Available
18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery Set With Solid Handle And Unique Design.


£89.55Regular Price£62.69Sale Price
TOUCH THIN BLADE - 16 Piece Cutlery Set By Belo Inox, 4 Forks,
4 Spoons, 4 Knifes and 4 Tea Spoons
Luxury Gold Plated Cutlery Available
18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery Set
Perfect For A New Modern Home Or Wedding Gift



Neo Chopsticks Set

Neo Chopsticks Set

£194.25Regular Price£135.98Sale Price
NEO  CHOPSTICKS SET - 6 Pairs Stainless Steel Chopsticks Set By Belo Inox
Display Box Included
Luxury Gold Plated Cutlery Available
Perfect For A New  Modern Home Or Perfect Wedding Gift For Her



Goblet Glass Red Stem

Goblet Glass Red Stem

£19.00Regular Price£13.30Sale Price
Goblet Glass - Bicos By Vista Alegre
Red Stem And A Medieval Vintage Look
Perfect Gift For Her

Trending Tableware Sets

Luxury Tableware Set Sale

Luxury Tableware Set Sale

£287.95Regular Price£143.98Sale Price
LUXURY TABLEWARE SET - Imperium Cutlery Set By Belo Inox
Perla Plate Set By Vista Alegre
Goblet Glass Bicos By Vista Alegre
The Perfect Classic  Luxury Tableware Setting

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